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Quiet ::

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV for the first time in well over a year. The war has begun. So that’s what Ari Fleischer looks like. It strikes me as a typical bland stream of official government pronouncements, so I stumble over to the kitchen to make coffee. I can’t hear well, running water, grinding coffee beans, but I hear a motif in the words from the television: “The President feels, The President thinks, The President does...” Do I hear a repeated tone of reverence in “President”? Suddenly I begin hearing the word as “emperor.”

I’m glad to see Peter Jennings. He says something about there not having been much news in that press conference. Now some actual reporting, not public relations and punditry. The reporter in Baghdad sounds frightened after seeing a building destroyed by (presumably) a cruise missile.

The local station interrupts to cover peace demonstrators blocking the streets of San Francisco. There have been many arrests. Some people complain about not being able to get to work. Officials complain that three or four emergency responses were delayed by blocked streets. This is unfortunate, but is this the worst suffering in the world right now?

I leave the television on, but only listen as I begin working.

Later, I shower and dress in black (it’s also the 2nd anniversary of my separation). I turn off the television and computer, and sit down to meditate. Soon a car horn plays repeated double whole notes. It stops for awhile. Sirens wail. The same car horn begins again. Sirens again. Thoughts rise, fall and vanish. I can’t make it quiet outside, but I can make it a little quieter inside.

Thu, 20 Mar 2003, 1:08 PM PST
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