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Sweden, day 1 ::

Got 5.5 hrs sleep Thu. night, at the right time. Optimistic about adapting to time change.

AM: Got cash, food, gas (43 liters=11.4 gallons, 476KR=US$64, $5.60/gallon!). A steady diet of salmon, cheese, bread, mustard, and herring? Yum!

Hit it off well with Christoffer—major common musical influence: Genesis’ A Trick of the Tail.

PM: Listened to all 9 tracks and discussed arrangements. Considering major surgery (simplification) on perhaps 3. There’s some healthy diversity of opinion but we seem to be agreeing on the big things. Jens (drummer) arrived around 4 and listened with us.

After dinner, set up to record drums. Moved Logic session onto Christoffer’s G5. Slaving mac to 24 track was working well (that day :-/). Set up keyboard rig in control room.

Recorded drums and some percussion for Implications.

Gear gremlins: Major weirdness with stereo outputs in Logic 6.4.2; needed to only use odd-numbered virtual tracks. (Hey, I should have quit and restarted Logic after enabling Universal Track Mode!). Logic needs to handle mass reassignment of outputs intelligently somehow.

Unpleasant discovery: My PowerBook kernel panics if I leave it running on batteries for any length of time at all.

No unbearable sleepiness before bedtime. Still optimistic about adapting to time change. But slept only 3 hrs last night and am less optimistic today. It is quite bright at 5 am, with birds singing loudly outside my window. Wondering if I will get a nap today or be able to play piano well.

Sat, 11 Jun 2005, 5:38 AM +0200
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