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A pretty spectacular Sunday ::

Sunday was a pretty perfect day—saw John Abercrombie’s quartet at the Legion of Honor, had an unbelievably good dinner at Burma Star, had a nice cognac at a bar near Davies Hall, and saw Ornette Coleman there.

Abercrombie’s playing is understated, subtle, harmonically and rhythmically intricate. He’s also pretty funny when he talks to the audience. His Wait Till You See Her CD is the third with the quartet featuring violinist Mark Feldman; they played much of the album.

At 79, Ornette is walking a bit slowly but gave a thoroughly spirited performance. He’d play a head, a sax solo, and then pick up the trumpet and do another solo (maybe even channeling Miles Davis a little; his excursions on violin and trumpet are more restrained than I remember from the Song X tour in 1984). The band would dive into a cacophonous swirl in unison, Ornette playing from plaintive to frenetic, end on a surprising, consonant resolution between the two basses, and I would laugh like I’d just gotten off an amusement park ride or finished watching a Loony Toon.

And in between there was this view of the Golden Gate from near the Legion of Honor.

Tue, 10 Nov 2009, 7:47 PM PST
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