Ducks to Water

Ducks to Water was formed to play David Borden’s The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part 9, at Electron Salon 7 in Santa Cruz, CA, June 7, 2003.


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Jarrell, David, Lani, Doug Doug Jarrell, David
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Doug Wyatt - keyboards
Jarrell Irvin - keyboards
David Zicarelli - keyboards
Iwalani Faulkner - soprano

Jarrell Irvin grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, where he learned to play the piano by ear rather than practice his lessons. He received a B.A. in music composition at UCSB, where he also picked up an undergraduate composition award. He also studied composition privately with Paul Glass, and arranging with Dick Grove. Irvin has played keyboards and keyboard bass in innumerable jazz, pop, and funk bands for the last 35 years, and occasionally in other venues, such as the San Francisco based George Coates Performance Works show “Rare Area.” After moving to the Bay Area in 1982, he studied and starting working in the software engineering field. He has worked primarily in the music software field, including 11 years at Opcode Systems, Inc. Irvin currently works as a software consultant and musician, and is focusing these days on writing and playing jazz.

Doug Wyatt has been playing piano since he could reach the keys and working with synthesizers since 1978. In 1998 he released his first solo recording, Accidental Beauties, a collection of electronic soundscapes. Wyatt also appears on the avant-rock group Red Letter’s True North, guitarist Robby Aceto’s Code, and was a member of Mother Mallard from 1998-2000, before moving from Ithaca, NY to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001. As a software developer, Wyatt contributed to a number of professional music software applications, and was the creator of the industry-standard OMS (Open Music System) for Mac OS.

David Zicarelli is a computer programmer and unprofessional musician who works on Max/MSP and other programs. He founded the San Francisco software company and record label Cycling ‘74. He performed with his home-brew instrument OvalTune, at the ELectron SAlon #3 in June 2002.

About the music

David Borden’s piece, The Continuing Story of Counterpoint (part 9), extends the tradition of American Minimalist Music (S. Reich, P. Glass, J. Adams...) to create looping textures of piano, marimba and vocal sounds, slowly evolving in hypnotic soundscapes. The Ducks to Water band is joined by FXTC , a long-term collaborator of the ELSA crew, mixing synthesized and animated images with live feed from a camera wandering on stage during the show.

David Borden founded Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. in 1969 with the generous support of Robert Moog. The group became the world’s first synthesizer ensemble. “Mother Mallard turns out some of the best synthesizer music around.” - New York Times. His ‘The Continuing Story of Counterpoint,’ a twelve-part cycle of pieces for synthesizers, acoustic instruments and voice, has been called the ‘Goldberg Variations of minimalism.’ Borden’s music is available on the Cuneiform, CRI, Lameduck and Arbiter labels. He is currently the Director of the Digital Music Program at Cornell University.