Steve Jansen / Richard Barbieri /
Mick Karn

Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri and Mick Karn were formerly members of the group JAPAN. The group worked professionally from 1977-1983 during which period five studio albums were made and released world wide. They disbanded at the peak of the group's success following a final world tour in 1982, documented with a live video and double live album release in 1983.

The years following the breakup of JAPAN saw the members working separately, working together (in various configurations), and working with other artists on a large number of releases throughout the world.

In 1990, the original members of JAPAN reformed as RAIN TREE CROW, for a release on Virgin Records, titled "Rain Tree Crow".

Medium Productions was formed in 1993 to allow Jansen, Barbieri and Karn to write and release material independent of major label restrictions and concerns. The first release is a compilation with artists that the trio have been involved with over the years and some whose works have been unrecognised by the major labels. Future releases will see more collaborations and soon, individual projects will be featured as well.

The official information service for Steve Jansen, Mick Karn and Richard Barbieri is:

74 St. Lawrence Road
Upminster, Essex, RM14 2UW

See also the Medium Productions Home Page. A newsletter is published quarterly, with additional press releases when necessary, providing information in advance on all their projects, recordings and tours. Subscribers are also given the opportunity to purchase rare and exclusive material/mail order cd's, etc.

The first CD on the Medium Productions label, "Beginning To Melt" was released in the Autumn of 1993 and is a collaboration between Steve, Richard, Mick and other artists. "Seed", released in October 1994, is the second CD to come out on the Medium label.

Further details of these CDs and how to order your copies are available from the information service.

Personal mail for Medium artists may also be sent to the address above.

Selected Discography

(for a complete list of recording projects concerning Jansen/Barbieri/Karn, please contact Medium Information)


Adolescent Sex (1977, Hansa Records)
Obscure Alternatives (1978, Hansa Records)
Quiet Life (1979, Hansa Records)
Gentleman Take Polaroids (1980, Virgin Records)
Tin Drum (1981, Virgin Records)
Assemblage (compilation) (1981, Hansa Records)
Oil on Canvas (live album) (1983, Virgin)
Exorcising Ghosts (compilation) (1984, Virgin)
Souvenir From Japan (compilation) (1989, Hansa Records)
The Other Side of Japan (compilation) (1991, Receiver Records)


Rain Tree Crow (1991, Virgin Records)


Worlds In A Small Room (1985, Pan East, [UK] JVC Victor, [Japan])
Stories Across Borders (1991, Venture Records)


Catch The Fall (1987, Virgin Records)
Face To Face (Japanese T.V.C.M. 7"single) (1987, Virgin)


Titles (1982, Virgin Records)
Midge Ure/Mick Karn- After A Fashion (single) (1983, Chrysalis)
Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (1984, Paradox Records)
Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters (1987, Virgin Records)
Bestial Cluster (1993, Karakter Records)


Beginning To Melt (Medium Series Volume 1) (1993, Medium)
Seed (1994, Medium)

With others:

The unique talents and highly individualistic styles of these three musicians have made them much sought after for work as session musicians and producers.

As the list of their album credits with other artists is quite extensive, I will make this highy abbreviated offering in hopes you will contact Medium for the complete catalogue.

Gary Numan
Ryuichi Sakamoto
David Sylvian
Kate Bush
Annie Lennox
Midge Ure
Akiko Yano
No Man
Lonely Universe
Andy Reinhart
Joan Armatrading
David Torn
Bill Nelson
Yukihiro Takahashi
Mark Isham
Akiko Kobayashi

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