Samplifier is an application to transfer audio samples to and from a MIDI Sample Dump-equipped sampler over MIDI, or to and from a Roland S-760 using SCSI.


Mac OS X freeware

Mac OS 9 freeware


Here are various bits of code...

Gaussian blur for Python Imaging Library

Here is a patch and an extension to the Python Imaging Library (version 1.1.4). (10 Jul 2003)


Quick-and-dirty Python code to convert OMS name documents to .midnam XML files. Theoretically supports conversion in the other direction, but that's untested. Please note: I have not tested the name documents this program generates with either Pro Tools or Digital Performer (I use Logic). I believe the files do validate against the DTD. If you have trouble using them, please feel free to let me know, but I might not be able to help much.