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Can I beat back this hunger
by swallowing every word?
Should I hold back the water?
Love's catching fire and soon we're gonna burn 
Hear my confession
Use my reserve
I'm your thief
I'm your sinner
Sister, give me what I deserve...
You oughta show mercy
You oughta show mercy
As I crawl through your desert,
stranded for the things I could be,
in the heat of confusion,
down from this mountain
voices follow me
One scarlet ocean
Two bended knees
Three's a crowd,
Time's an army
and I'm still trying to open the sea
I'm praying for mercy
I'm praying for mercy
Over, under
Surround and swallow me
Desert island, endless sea
awash on a distant shore, in futility,
where you wait...believing that real men don't break, 
and a real friend wouldn't leave you
But the real world is full of mistakes
'Comes a time, from the inside

- R. DePaolo  Copyright ©1994 Treetop Cat Music / BMI