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True North

V Records VCD01
Produced and recorded by Red Letter

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"I Know You"
"Another Beautiful Day at the End of the World"
"Across This Passage"
"You Sing"
"Can't Beat It"
"Lies and Promises"
"Dirty Dog"


Red Letter has had airplay, interviews and live broadcasts on: K-ROCK, New York; WRSU, New Brunswick, NJ; WMUA, Amherst, MA; WHUS, Storrs, CT; WBRS, Boston, MA; WNMC, Traverse City, MI; WCMF, WITR, WBER, WJZR and WMAX, Rochester, NY; WVBR and WICB, Ithaca, NY; The Planet, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


[True North is] one of my top favorite records of 1994.
-- Robbie Konikoff, Audio Magic, Buffalo, NY
[Red Letter] have always been known for their virtuosity, but on True North, they let the songs reign supreme. To wit, check out "Another Beautiful Day (at the End of the World)" -- even though Aceto and Wyatt adorn the song with fiery riffing, it's the song's chorus that sticks in your brain. ... Aceto, Martinez and Wyatt tend to use heavily synthesized sounds, so it's hard to tell who's playing what, but kudos to whoever unleashed the solo at the end of "Strange."
-- Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal
Just got your CD today, True North. Hey you guys are a -REAL- rock band. Hey totally professional sounding recording. Totally professional package too. ... Your electric violin guy adds a lot by not overplaying. For anyone who hasn't heard this yet, Red Letter sounds (to these ears) like Thomas Dolby meets Mr Mister at the Mystery Spot (you know where the walls are on slight angles..) Cool.
-- Larry Welker <eldoubleu@pan.com>:
True North is wonderful. Rich textures, good composition, excellent production. Long live music as a cottage industry.
-- Sheldon Steiger <sheljay@pan.com>
These guys definitely sound like they belong on a major label (no insult intended). Rich, lush songs that are well written and produced. ... "I Know You" starts off True North with great intensity. Vocal harmonies, electric violin, guitar, and keyboards hold everything together on this accessible song that just begs to be played on the airwaves. ... Mid-tempo songs such as "Strange" and "You Sing" stand out as great tracks, and overall the whole disc is enjoyable.
-- Independent Music Reviews, posted in alt.music.alternative

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